the great wall of china, also named mutianyu great wall, is nearest to airport, if you have more than 8 hours, you can visit it from airport or downtown hotel.

1. the tickets: entry 45yuan, shuttle bus 15yuan, cable car or chairlift/toboggan 120yuan

  • shuttle bus and cable car/toboggan are for round trip, so don't lost it.
  • they sell the one way cable car or chairlift/toboggan, the price is 100yuan.
  • so, your attention, please: if you hope to ride the cable car up and toboggan down, the price would be 100+100=200yuan/pp

2. toboggan:

  • you can control the speed by yourself, so if you think your kids or aged could handle it, it would be ok.
  • but the staff have the right to refuse you to play it just for safety.
  • at the same time, they permit you hold your kid in arm to play it.

3. how to get to great wall of china, mutianyu great wall

  • renting a car with driver, hire a driver.
  • reminding: this kind of transit service need the licence, please hire the licensed cab, otherwise you may be seized by the Travel & Transportation Authority.
  • riding the public bus at dongzhimen transportation hub, the line 916 express, get off at huairou north street, then hail the taxi or private car to mutianyu.

4. shopping:

  • if you have more time to stay in beijing, don't buy any thing in here.
  • if you do want to buy, should bargain the price. it would be better to ask your driver or guide to help you.
  • the prices would be higher than in inside city because it is travel zone and far away the business district.
  • before you done the deal, don't hold the stuff.

5. restaurants:

  • there is farmeryard near to mutianyu, named Fish Master, it is good and the price is flat relatively.
  • if you hope to drink coffee, buy at the shopping street, there is a store at the cable car up-station, the price is very high.  

6. the eastest and fastest hiking route is chable car up and toboggan down:

  • if you are with aged or kids, recommend to ride the cable car to get off at the no. 14 tower, then hike to west direction, to the no.6 tower, ride the chairlift or toboggan to down.
  • you need to take a little much money, but it would be easier, because it is from high to low to walk.

7. you can climb to the wall by walk:

  • the precondition is you have much time, and be strong.
  • it would take at least 1 hour to climb.

8. sunrise and sunset:

  • sunrise: you should be taken by the local guys, because it is closed and the Security staff will stop you, the local guys could take you to another way in the village.
  • sunset: you should go down before 19:00 in summer and 18:00 in winter, becuase it is the last shuttle bus time, otherwise, you will take more time to go down the mountain.