As you know, many guides will bring tourists into the shops by inducing, so it will must take the travel time. For the 5 seats car, if having the guide, you will have less one seat for your group.


In fact, such as the great wall of china tour, you may find almost all the information by online, you must could do the trip by self-guide and will have more time on the attractions.

More and more tourists like the Travel independently, they plan the time, spots, routes by themselves, they book the hotel, cars, alomost everything by online.

In this situation, the driver will be the key because most foreigners could not be able to drive in China. A good driver could save your time, tell you how not to be deceived, show you to buy tickets, telll you the best routes, and so on. 

Besides the car with driver, subway is the best transportation with english signs, fast and comfortable, can reach at almost all attractions, special in Beijing.

This is why we recommend the self-guide tour mode.