Airport Layover Tour To Great Wall of China, MuTianYu Section, From PEK airport, on 20th Dec 2019

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Travel Date:   Dec. 20 2019
MuTianYu Great Wall Tour:   airport layover tour to great wall of china (mutianyu section) from PEK airport 
   privated and chartered, Self-guide and flexible departure time, 8 hours, round trip
Pickup at PEK Airport:   beijing capital international airport
inbound airline and flight:   airchina CA940, landing on 12:30 at Terminal 3, from FCO (Leonardo Da Vinci - Fiumicino, Italy) airport to PEK (Beijing) Airport
 outbound airline and flight:   airchina CA783,  23:34 takeoff (next day) from PEK (Bijing) airport to MNL (Ninoy Aquino, Pilipinas) airport
Driver:   Tony Lin
Cab Vehicle:   taxi to mutianyu great wall of china by 5 seats car, HongQi